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Report updates as of: 6/25/2022

The following Report Updates have been added to Best's Loss Control Reports. While Revisions are completely rewritten reports, Updates will provide additional hazards, loss controls and other value-added information. Reviewed reports are those that have been examined again by our staff and experts and their content has been found to still be current. The listing can be sorted by any column of data.

 Report Title
 Report Date
 Report Type
 Former Title
Newspaper Publishers and Online Content Providers 6/24/2022 Update Newspaper Publishing
Thrift Stores and Resale Shops 6/20/2022 Update
Electrical Appliance Wholesaling 6/16/2022 Update
Window Cleaning Contractors 6/14/2022 Update
Florist Shops - Retail 6/10/2022 Update
Contact Centers 6/9/2022 Update Call Centers
Schools - Secondary - Public and Private 6/2/2022 Update
Museums 5/31/2022 Update
Tire Dealers - Retail 5/31/2022 Update
Laundromats 5/31/2022 Update Laundry and Dry Cleaning - Self-Service
Dentists' Offices 5/26/2022 Update
Refrigeration Contractors 5/26/2022 Update
Bed and Breakfast Inns 5/20/2022 Update
Writing Instruments Manufacturing 5/17/2022 Update
Moving and Storage Firms 5/16/2022 Update
Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries 5/10/2022 Original Marijuana Dispensaries
Bowling Centers 5/10/2022 Update
Body Armor Manufacturing 4/28/2022 Update
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 4/28/2022 Update
Window Treatments Manufacturing 4/28/2022 Update
Gun Manufacturing 4/26/2022 Update
Racquet and Fitness Clubs 4/26/2022 Update
Lawn Care and Landscaping Contractors 4/22/2022 Update
Snack Food Manufacturing 4/22/2022 Update
Gift or Souvenir Shops 4/13/2022 Update
Assisted Living Facilities 4/8/2022 Update
Bakeries - Retail 4/5/2022 Update
Breeding Farms - Ratite Birds 3/31/2022 Update
Armored Car Services 3/30/2022 Update
Gasoline Stations - Full-Service and Self-Service 3/30/2022 Update
Beauty Salons and Barber Shops 3/29/2022 Update
Craft Breweries, Microbreweries, and Brewpubs 3/29/2022 Update

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