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Report updates as of: 3/29/2023

The following Report Updates have been added to Best's Underwriting Reports. While Revisions are completely rewritten reports, Updates will provide additional hazards, loss controls and other value-added information. Reviewed reports are those that have been examined again by our staff and experts and their content has been found to still be current. The listing can be sorted by any column of data.

 Report Title
 Report Date
 Report Type
 Former Title
Bicycle Shops - Sales and Service 3/28/2023 Update
Bottling - Soft Drinks 3/28/2023 Update
Nutritional Supply Stores 3/28/2023 Update
Fruit and Vegetable Dealers - Retail 3/24/2023 Update
Bars, Taverns, Cocktail Lounges and Nightclubs 3/24/2023 Update
Bakeries - Commercial and Wholesale 3/24/2023 Update
Welding, Brazing and Cutting 3/17/2023 Update
Coffee Houses, Shops, and Bars 3/9/2023 Update
Shopping Centers and Malls 2/28/2023 Update
Iron and Steel Erection Contractors 2/28/2023 Update
Soap and Detergent Manufacturing 2/24/2023 Update
Automobile Dealers - New and Used - Retail 2/22/2023 Update
Upholstery Shops 2/22/2023 Update
Metal Stamping and Fabricating Operations 2/21/2023 Update
Appraisers 2/21/2023 Update
Public Warehouses 2/21/2023 Update
Excavation Contractors 2/16/2023 Update
Lawyers' Offices 2/14/2023 Update
Self-Storage Facilities 1/31/2023 Update
Rental and Leasing Services - Equipment 1/30/2023 Update
Grading of Land 1/30/2023 Update
Crane Services - Construction 1/30/2023 Update
Clothing Stores 1/30/2023 Update
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Contractors 1/26/2023 Update
Restaurants 1/18/2023 Update
Painting and Paperhanging Contractors 1/13/2023 Update
Hibachi Restaurants 1/12/2023 Original
Carpentry Contractors 1/10/2023 Update
Apartments, Cooperatives and Condominiums 1/4/2023 Update

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