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Report updates as of: 2/17/2020

The following Report Updates have been added to Best's Underwriting Reports. While Revisions are completely rewritten reports, Updates will provide additional hazards, loss controls and other value-added information. Reviewed reports are those that have been examined again by our staff and experts and their content has been found to still be current. The listing can be sorted by any column of data.

 Report Title
 Report Date
 Report Type
 Former Title
Sawmills and Planing Mills 2/6/2020 Update
Farming - Cash Grains 2/5/2020 Update
Farming - Dairy 1/31/2020 Update
Valet Parking Services 1/28/2020 Update
Printing - Commercial 1/22/2020 Update
Wall and Ceiling Contractors 1/20/2020 Update
Paving Contractors - Concrete 1/16/2020 Update
Online Dating Services 1/15/2020 Update
Property Management Firms 1/10/2020 Update
Ferries 1/9/2020 Update
Hot Air Balloon Services 1/6/2020 Update
Building Material Dealers 1/3/2020 Update
Automotive Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Stores 1/3/2020 Update
Trading Card Companies 12/19/2019 Update
Fur Salons 12/19/2019 Update
Rafting Outfitters 12/19/2019 Update
Sugar Manufacturing (Beet and Cane) 12/18/2019 Update
Audiometric Testing Companies 12/18/2019 Update
Skydiving Centers 12/17/2019 Update
Radon Mitigation Contractors 12/16/2019 Update
Radon Testing Firms 12/16/2019 Update
Paintball Courses 12/13/2019 Update
Solar Hot Water Systems - Dealers and Installers 12/10/2019 Update
Planetariums 12/10/2019 Update
Piano Stores 12/9/2019 Update
Pediatricians 12/6/2019 Original
Taxi Companies 12/6/2019 Update
Bus Operations - School 12/5/2019 Update
Pickling Plants 11/25/2019 Update
Greeting Card Companies 11/22/2019 Update
Recreational Vehicle Dealers 11/22/2019 Update
Bus Charter Services 11/22/2019 Update

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