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What types of certification do sailing school instructors hold in the United States? How high should electrical outlets be raised in daycare centers to prevent children from sustaining electrical shocks? Before being licensed, what requirements must travel agencies satisfy in the United States?

If you are an underwriter or risk manager and need concise, in-depth answers to these and other questions, A.M. Best offers:

Best's Underwriting Guide reports, which cover hazards for nearly 600 different industries with in-depth and heavily detailed examinations of business operations -- including a "heads up" list for specific areas of concern. Be prepared with accurate underwriting research to ensure you know what to look for and the right questions to ask.

Best's Loss Control Manual reports, which describe the hazards present in a wide variety of industries and municipal services. Each report includes a description of the industry, on-site inspection checklists to identify exposures and loss controls, and a Hazard Index chart that quantifies the degree of liability in relevant lines of insurance.

Have a suggestion regarding an existing report, or a suggestion for a new one? Send requests to A.M. Best's Underwriting & Loss Control editors.

Note: The information in these reports has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of each report's publication; however, no responsibility is assumed by A.M. Best for loss or damage resulting from use of the information contained herein.


The latest reports on Bingo Halls, Public Relations Agencies, Formal Wear Rental Stores, Mattress Stores, and Dentists' Offices are available in both the Guide and Manual. Subscribers can read about these and nearly 600 other businesses, industries, and municipal services.

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The following sections outline the most recent coverage of the Underwriting and Loss Control markets from A.M. Best. For complete news coverage visit our NewsRoom or start your day with BestDay - a roundup of the insurance news from the previous 24 hours.

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