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BestMark for Rated Insurers

Leverage Your Best's Credit Rating

AM Best rated insurers can showcase their Best’s Credit Rating by displaying their BestMark, a well-known icon customized with their assigned level of financial strength, in marketing collateral.

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BestMark for Rated Insurers

About BestMark for Rated Insurers

A BestMark communicates AM Best's informed, objective opinion of a rated insurer's financial strength. It demonstrates to agents, brokers, customers, prospects and the financial services industry that the company has undergone AM Best's rigorous rating process.

A BestMark can be featured in marketing materials such as websites, print ads, brochures, web ads, social media, email signatures, business cards, and conference and events materials. It’s available in black, blue and gold to complement the style of your marketing materials, with a white BestMark available for use on dark backgrounds.

BestMark Collage

BestMark guidelines are explained on page nine of the “Guide to Proper Use of Best’s Ratings & Assessments.”

Insurers can grant permission to its agents and/or brokers to use their BestMark once the rated company has provided approval to AM Best via

Optional Link to Company Profile Page

Rated insurers have the option to embed a link in their BestMark icon that opens their company’s profile page on the AM Best website. To find your company’s profile, enter your company name in the “Search for a Best’s Credit Rating” box.

For instructions on how to link your BestMark icon to your company page, please contact

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