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Electrical Appliance Stores

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Best's Loss Control reports describe the hazards present in a wide variety of industries and municipal services. Each report includes a description of the industry, on-site inspection checklists to identify exposures and loss controls, and a Hazard Index chart that quantifies the degree of liability in relevant lines of insurance.

Report Date: 11/30/2023 12:01:23 PM
Report Type: Update
Report Description: The Electrical Appliance Stores report helps readers assess the insurance needs of enterprises that sell refrigerators, rangetops, ovens, outdoor grills, and other appliances used in the home. The insurance lines of liability that hold the highest degree of exposure include General Liability: Premises and Operations and Crime. Special exposures include large numbers of visitors and employee dishonesty. Related reports include Computer Stores, Department Stores, E-tailers, Electrical Appliance Wholesaling, Electronic Repair Services, and Warehouse Stores – Superstores.


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