BestMark for Rated Insurers

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BestMark for Rated Insurers

This program offers eligible participants an icon that displays their Best's Credit Rating of B+ or higher.

Use your BestMark to:

  • Display your Best's Credit Rating on your website and other corporate or promotional materials.
  • Provide customers and potential clients with a direct link to your company's rating profile, which contains your latest Best's Credit Rating, Financial Size Category and other information.
  • Provide brokers, agents, customers and prospects with a convenient verification of your Best's Credit Rating.

The BestMark program includes:

  • An icon displaying your company's current Best's Credit Rating and descriptor, with a direct link to your rating profile
  • An email with the HTML code and BestMark graphic so you can post it on your company's website
  • Updated HTML code and graphic if your company's rating changes
  • An Anniversary BestMark to recognize insurance companies with a long history of maintaining a rating of "A" or higher

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