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The Best's Directories series began more than 80 years ago and remains the premiere tool for locating qualified professionals skilled at handling the unique concerns of the insurance industry.
Today, these Directories are part of a comprehensive online resource. Best's Directories of Insurance Professionals are designed to connect you not only with client-recommended attorneys, independent adjusters and expert service providers, but also with actuaries, auditors, and third party administrators with experience in working with the insurance industry.
The online Directories offer advanced search features and targeted information to help you find the right firm to meet your needs. We also publish BestConnect, a free quarterly e-newsletter to bring you the latest news from our listed firms.
If you provide services that can benefit the insurance industry, consider listing your firm in Best's Directories. Any questions about the Directories can be sent to
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Special Report: P/C Segment's Net Income Estimated to Be Up Nearly 60% in 2013
The U.S. property/casualty industry is on track to achieve an underwriting profit for the first time in four years. Underwriting results reached their best level since 2007, with the industry producing an expected combined ratio of 97.6 for the year
.
Also in This Issue:
Mr. Salem, an attorney with the insurance coverage law firm Nelsen, Thompson, Pegue & Thornton, A.P.C. in Los Angeles, California, has received recognition for his contributions to the insurance industry by way of published articles and podcasts. Read more...
For the Record - What our Listees are Writing:
Allocation of Indemnity in Advertising Injury Intellectual Property Cases by Timothy M. Thornton, Jr.
Damages experts' reports in intellectual property cases often contain valuable information for allocation of loss by time, by geographic region and between advertising and non-advertising uses. In intellectual property disputes potentially covered by insurance, several allocation problems surface with respect to settlements and judgments. Read more...
It's the Law - Legal Precedents Impacting the Insurance Industry
In Kansas, the modified Workers' Compensation Act represents a substantial revision to the previous act. Twenty-eight existing statutes were amended or repealed. Read more...
In Brief: Florida House of Representatives to Offer Private Flood Insurance Bill
Lawmakers in Florida's House of Representatives are ironing out the details of private flood insurance legislation. The measure could be introduced at the start of the coming session in early March. Read more...

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The Insurance Law Podcast Series examines timely and important legal issues affecting the insurance industry, from an attorney's point of view. Past topics have included regulatory compliance, sports law, negligent security and more.
To see our complete series of Insurance Law Podcasts, visit:
Posted: Mon, 24 Mar 2014
Attorney David Dodge with the McCathern, PLLC law firm in Dallas, Texas discusses Oklahoma's new workers' compensation legislation, how it compares to states like Texas and the odds of similar legislation being enacted around the country.
Posted: Tue, 04 Mar 2014
Attorney Sid Degan with the law firm of Degan, Blanchard & Nash in Louisiana on the complex "tri-partite relationship" that exists between attorneys, insurers and insureds and how it impacts the insurance industry.
Posted: Tue, 14 Jan 2014
Attorney Stu Panensky from the law firm of Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP, introduces the legal framework around data security and cyber losses.

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Law DigestThe Law Digest serves as a summary of the insurance laws for each state and the Canadian Provinces. Our aim is to provide a reference source for each state and province that covers some of the general insurance principles in leading case decisions. We search for law firms that are of excellent reputation and sufficient size to undertake and fulfill the responsibility of revising the laws.

Law Digest Tables
Legal Precedents Impacting the Insurance Industry within the Past Year:
Colorado courtesy of James E. Gigax of Bloom, Murr, Accomazzo & Siler, PC of  Denver
Colorado's Prompt Payment Statute affects virtually all insurance contracts, with a few exceptions, notably, workers' compensation. The Prompt Payment statutes are codified at C.R.S. ยง10-3-1115 and -1116, and provide remedies to certain first-party insurance claimants, including recovery of two times the covered benefit, attorney fees, and court costs. The statutes are worthy of note to insurance companies because insurers may be liable for twice - if not three times - the covered amount and their insured's attorney fees, even if the insured cannot show willful and wanton actions that are required for punitive damages.
Kansas courtesy of McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips, P.A. of Kansas City
The modified Workers' Compensation Act represents a substantial revision to the previous Act. Twenty-eight existing statutes were amended or repealed. The new act amended certain statutory definitions, adopted the prevailing factor standard, and changed some of the notice provisions.