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The Insurance Law Podcast Series examines timely and important legal issues affecting the insurance industry, from an attorney's point of view. Past topics have included regulatory compliance, sports law, negligent security and more.

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Transcripts of our podcasts are now available! Please visit our Insurance Law Podcast home page to see our complete podcast series and view recent transcripts:

Posted: Mon., Jun. 13, 2016
Attorney Irwin Kramer from the law firm of Kramer & Connolly in Baltimore, Maryland discusses a law firm's demonstration of win potential through current metrics and the importance to the insurance industry

Posted: Tue., May 17, 2016
Attorney Brian Cafritz of KPM Law in Richmond, VA addresses legal matters pertaining to transgender restroom facilities including how widespread the issue is, where the law is heading and impact on businesses and the insurance industry.
Posted: Thu., Apr. 21, 2016
Attorneys Gina Stanziale and Allison Koenke from the law firm Methfessel & Werbel with offices in Edison, New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania discuss circumstances in which an insurance carrier can void or rescind a policy in the state of New Jersey.

If you like to be featured in a podcast, or have a suggestion for a podcast topic, please contact Directories Group Managing Editor John Czuba or call (908) 439-2200, ext. 5673.

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The May 2016 Issue Is Now Available

Featured in This Issue:
Special Report: A.M. Best Winter 2015/2016 Insurance Industry Survey
In A.M. Best's latest quarterly survey, we assess insurers' opinions on the key themes of 2015, as well as those that will continue to shape 2016. Topics include Fed policy predictions, the 2016 presidential election, ORSA, interest rate predictions, M&A, predictive analytics and the current competitive landscape facing insurers. Read More...

Also in This Issue:
Alan Goldberger Returns for the 15th Consecutive Year to the National Association of Sports Officials Summit
Alan has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences for national organizations, including the National Association of Sports Officials and the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. Read More...

Boggs, Avellino, Lach & Boggs Helps Underprivileged Families in the St. Louis Area
The firm helps underprivileged families through its Step It Up and Another Man's Treasure programs, which provide shoes and other items to families in need. Read More...
For the Record - What Our Listees Are Writing
"Cyber Law and Data Protection Alert - The Supreme Court Upholds a Cyber Trespass Conviction." Attorney Jay Shapiro discusses the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. 1030, which addresses illegal conduct directed at computer systems.
Webinars - Managing the Risks Associated with the Rapidly Changing Robotics Industry
A panel of experts addresses how liability is assessed and risk is managed and mitigated in response to the unique exposures of the surging robotics industry. Read More...

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Law DigestThe Insurance Law Digest, updated yearly by qualified law firms, presents insurance laws for each U.S. state and several Canadian provinces. This free resource puts general insurance principles in leading case decisions at your fingertips, plus offers convenient tables summarizing parts of six popular subjects.

Law Digest Tables

Legal Precedents Impacting the Insurance Industry within the Past Year:

Medical malpractice statute of limitations has been shortened from 3 to 2 years: M.C.A.§ 27-2-205. In addition, the court has certified that an insurer who does not receive timely notice according to policy's terms must demonstrate prejudice from lack of notice to avoid defense and indemnification of the insured. Atlantic Cas. Ins. Co. v. Greytak. Previously insurers were not required to prove prejudice although courts generally would hold in favor of insured unless prejudice was shown.
Hawaii courtesy of Ashford & Wriston of Honolulu
Many updates to statutes and cases have been made. New precedent set by C. Brewer & Co. v. Marine Indem. Ins. Co. of Am., 135 Haw. 190, 196, 347 P.3d 163, 169 (2015), holding that a CGL policy insuring company's corporate headquarters on Oahu provided coverage for the breach of a dam on Kauai under theory that dam maintenance decisions were made at the corporate head-quarters.
Products liability law was revolutionized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision in Tincher v. Omega Flex, 104 A.3d 328 (Pa. 2014).  Although Tincher changed virtually every aspect of Pennsylvania products liability law, it raised more questions than it answered, as the Supreme Court itself recognized, about what theories and defenses, trial evidence, and jury instructions will be proper going forward.

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