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P.O. Box 9186
Rapid City, South Dakota 57709Locate in Google Maps
Telephone: 855-324-5465
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Established: 2013

About Us
We bring together over 75 years of vehicle valuation experience to the industry.

Our Apprais-All™ Services provide total loss valuations, certified appraisals, collision estimates, diminished values, and arbitration services for heavy trucks, construction equipment and machinery, RV's, and other specialized vehicles, as well as standard automobiles.

Our VALU-RITE™ System provides a dynamic comprehensive appraisal valuation that is fair and balanced updated in real time. The system also provides all the background information needed to finalize claims including salvage data. This is provided in a quick response time frame to reduce costs while the claim is being processed.

Our Client MVP™ (Master Valuations Portal) allows clients to directly enter valuation requests online, check the status of requests, and keep track of completed valuations.

Let DCI be the Solution for all of your vehicle valuation needs-
• Quick response time
• Current real time appraisals that are fair and balanced
• Up-to-date status on all Valuation Requests
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Services Rendered
Appraisals; Arbitrations; Auditing; Auditing of Auto, Property, Heavy Truck, and Subrogation Losses; Automobile; Automobile Crashes/Collisions; Bill Auditing; Fair Market Valuation; Heavy Equipment; Recreational Vehicles; Subrogation Services; Valuations.

Certified Appraisals: Whether you are an insurance company underwriting a policy or valuing a loss; or a bank financing a loan; or an attorney in need of documentation, DCI Solution can provide a Certified Appraisal to ensure that your assets are covered.

Our Apprais-All Services provide Certified Appraisals on: trucks and specialty vehicles; construction equipment; farm equipment; machinery and equipment and autos, RV's, motorcycles, and marine.

Our VALU-RITE System will provide a real-time, local market valuations with numerous comparisons for support and confirmation. Additionally, liquidation values are provided for a complete appraisal solution.

Arbitration, Subrogation, Umpiring, Claims Auditing Services: DCI Solution provides Certified Appraisals and stands behind our valuations.

We provide arbitration services for in support of valuations or third party umpiring in a dispute.
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Experience appraising fine, vintage and modern automobiles, marine craft, and various types of cargo inspections and restoration inspections for legal and certified requirements such as: investment appraisals, insurance claims, total loss, auto damage estimates, auto accidents, stolen vehicles, bank loans, pre-purchase inspections, court ordered appraisals, actual cash value, divorce appraisals, estate appraisals, probate appraisals, manufacturer's defects and lawsuits.
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Professional Memberships
  • Claims and Litigation Management (Subrogation Committee)
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Service Area
Providing Nationwide Service
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Personnel Information

David DiMaria, Chief Operating Officer
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Darren DiMaria, Chief Client Officer
Mr. DiMaria has more the 30 years experience in the insurance total loss industry, has served as an arbitrator and umpire and is a member of the NADA Advisory Board.
  • Certified Auto Appraiser
  • Certified Master Marine Surveyor
  • Certified Farm Equipment Appraiser Specializing in Heavy Equipment
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