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The following Best's Special Reports and Best's Briefings present in-depth analyses of the Life/Health insurance market. Best's Special Reports provide a comprehensive examination of the market, events and trends from A.M. Best's unique perspective, while Best's Briefings feature similar analysis in a more concise format.

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Special Report: Private Equity Holdings Continue to Climb: L/A insurers account for nearly 75% of the insurance industry’s private equity holdings.
Date: June 29, 2020    
Special Report: Commercial Mortgage Loans Increasing, Credit Quality Decreasing: The credit quality of commercial mortgage loans in insurers' portfolios is declining, but key metrics indicate that conservative underwriting practices lower risk in stress scenarios.
Date: June 25, 2020    
2020 Best’s Rankings: U.S. Combined Life & Health – Industry’s Admitted Assets Increased 8.2%: This Best’s Ranking presents the top 200 U.S. combined life and health insurers as ranked by 2019 admitted assets.
Date: June 22, 2020    
Special Report: US Life/Annuity 2019 Statutory Results: Favorable Operating Results and Underwriting Performance: The segment’s operating results were generally favorable on modest premium growth, despite declining investment returns.
Date: June 17, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Market Segment Outlook: Germany Life Insurance: The key challenge for Germany's life insurance segment remains the low interest rate environment.
Date: June 15, 2020    
2020 Best’s Rankings: U.S. Life/Health – 3-Month 2020 Financial Results: This Best’s Ranking presents the top 25 U.S. life and health groups as ranked by 3-month 2020 admitted assets as of March 31, 2020.
Date: June 8, 2020    
Special Report: First Look: 3-Month 2020 Life/Annuity Financial Results: The Life/Annuity industry reported its first net operating loss since 2008.
Date: June 8, 2020    
Special Report: Severe Test for the Municipal Bond Market: Insurers’ significant muni bond holdings are manageable, but COVID-19 poses a considerable challenge for the municipal bond market.
Date: June 4, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Market Segment Outlook: Spain Life : The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to negatively affect the profitability and solvency metrics of Spain’s life insurers.
Date: June 2, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Kazakhstan’s Insurance Market Grapples with Uncertainties: The projected contraction in Kazakhstan’s GDP growth will have implications for premium volumes, particularly for commercial lines.
Date: May 26, 2020    
Special Report: US Insurers Continue to Reduce Hedge Fund Exposures: The rated insurers continue to adjust their investment strategies and to cut back on their hedge fund holdings overall.
Date: May 20, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Market Segment Outlook: Peru Insurance: Our Stable outlook is based on the comprehensive economic and regulatory response to COVID 19, which provides insurers financial flexibility, in addition to the industry’s robust capitalization.
Date: May 19, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Market Segment Outlook: Colombia Insurance: Our outlook has gone from Stable to Negative, as the pandemic and the resulting economic damage will strain the country’s insurance industry considerably.
Date: May 19, 2020    
Special Report: Stress Testing Rated Companies for COVID-19: Globally, the insurance industry is well capitalized, with most of the rated (re)insurers performing well in our stress test.
Date: May 18, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Market Segment Outlook: Japan Life Insurance: Risk-adjusted capitalization remains solid, but Japan life insurers face short-tern challenges in growth and investment returns.
Date: May 6, 2020    
Commentary: Indonesia Strengthens State-Owned Insurers with Holding Company Formation: Indonesia’s setup of a state-owned holding company to improve risk management standards is a positive industry development
Date: April 27, 2020    
Market Segment Report: Market Segment Outlook: Argentina Insurance: Outlook remains Negative for Argentina’s insurance industry as COVID-19 pandemic adds to existing challenges.
Date: April 20, 2020    
Special Report: Growing FHLB Usage Expected To Be Ratings Neutral: Insurers are positioning themselves for more borrowing in the event of further stress, but we think any uptick will be within risk tolerance guidelines and will thus be a ratings neutral event for most of the rated population.
Date: April 17, 2020    
Special Report: Hit to Surplus Expected from Equity Exposures: The extent of the impact of equity exposures on surplus will depend on the segment—P/C has the highest exposure, and the health segment’s is about half that; the L/A segment has maintained a small exposure.
Date: April 14, 2020    
Commentary: COVID-19 Stimulus Bill to Benefit Insurers: The CARES Act will provide insurers some needed relief from potential losses owing to COVID-19.
Date: April 7, 2020    
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