AM Best’s Briefing - Cyber: Increasing Demand, Skyrocketing Prices, Accelerating Risks. How Do Insurers React?

Date: Friday, June 24, 2022
Time: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET

AM Best Associate Director Fred Eslami and Senior Industry Analyst Chris Graham will join industry experts to discuss emerging trends in the cyber insurance market as the industry struggles to find solutions to numerous challenges including ransomware attacks, well-coordinated social engineering threats and increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals. The panel will discuss the market’s performance in 2021 and recent evolutions in cyber underwriting, risk management and modeling as the industry tackles the challenges in the next two to five years.


  • Sridhar Manyem, Director, AM Best


  • Fred Eslami, Associate Director, AM Best
  • Tim Francis, Enterprise Cyber Lead, Travelers
  • Chris Graham, Senior Industry Analyst, AM Best
  • Scott Stransky, Managing Director and Head of Cyber Risk Analytics, Marsh McLennan

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