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Media Kit Insurance industry decision makers worldwide look to A.M. Best's news products for top-quality content and a unique perspective. Explore our high-visibility advertising opportunities and reach our engaged audience through multiple channels.

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Browse the tabs for details about our full range of advertising opportunities. Some upcoming highlights:
Digital Transformation: May 2017 (deadline April 3, 2017)
Digital technology is transforming customer expectations, which means incumbent or traditional insurers need to make big changes. With new insurtech startups designing compelling customer experiences, insurers are hiring chief digital officers to improve their own technology offerings. However, competition for the top technology talent is intense, both inside and outside the insurance market.

Upcoming Issues & Answers Special Advertising Opportunities
Each month, these special, highly targeted sections give you the space you need to get your message across. You'll receive a two-page spread that includes your ad and an interview with an executive from your firm conducted by a Best's Review editor.

Programs & Wholesale Business  May 2017 (deadline April 3)
Carriers and others explain how they develop and support today's expanding range of specialized program insurance offerings and distribution channels.

Bonus value: May 2017 Issues & Answers advertisers will also have their full-page ad and interview included in 300 copies of the Specialty Risk Supplement  to be distributed at the Target Markets Mid-Year Meeting in Arlington, VA, and the AAMGA Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. It will also be emailed to an additional 40,000 insurance professionals with an interest in specialty lines.


Specialized Investments   June 2017 (deadline May 3)

Asset managers, advisors, consultants and service providers discuss how insurers can better utilize the range of services and products that are revamping insurance asset management.


Best's Review

Best's Review, A.M. Best's award-winning monthly news magazine, offers a variety of high-visibility print advertising opportunities. Reach an engaged audience of insurance industry decision makers where they look first.
Print Advertising
BestWeek, A.M. Best's weekly newsletter, provides a recap of the week's top stories for the global insurance industry. Ads that appear in BestWeek also appear in two digital-only publications, Best's Regulatory Week and Best's Asis-Pacific Weekly.
Print Advertising
Showcase your advertising message to thousands of engaged subscribers on the home page of Best's Review, our monthly insurance news magazine, and on Best's Insurance News & Analysis, the portal to all of A.M. Best's news products and industry research. Speak directly to more suscribers more often with online advertising in various locations.
Best's Review Online Advertising
Best's Insurance News & Analysis Online Advertising


BestWeek, A.M. Best's weekly newsletter, provides a recap of the week's top stories for the global insurance industry. Place your ad where Insurance industry professionals worldwide look to stay informed.
E-Newsletter Advertising


Every morning, BestDay, A.M. Best's daily news digest, is delivered directly to the e-mail inboxes of industry leaders who have opted to receive it. Reach these decision makers daily with an ad placed alongside authoritative news.

E-Newsletter Advertising


A.M.BestTV gives advertisers an audience of insurance professionals looking for information about their industry from the world leader in insurance news and analysis. Watch a video and see how your advertising message can share space with exclusive reports and interviews, targeted topics and key developments every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and during select conferences, at www.ambest.tv.
A.M.BestTV Video Replay Program
This program allows individuals and organizations featured during an A.M.BestTV interview or segment to share a link to the video without associated advertising or copyright concerns. It's an easy, cost-effective way to share content and showcase your expertise in an advertising-free format.

Best's Review Webinars are your opportunity to speak directly to a targeted audience of insurance industry professionals and to showcase your company's expertise in a multimedia setting. These topic-driven online events, hosted by a Best's Review editor, consistently generate an enthusiastic response from the industry. Leverage A.M. Best's 100-plus years of industry insight and expertise, and the level of information, guidance and customization you prefer, by sponsoring a scheduled or customized webinar. Watch a video to learn more about participating in a Best's Review webinar.

After the webinar, webinar sponsors can choose a webinar highlights sponsorship to broaden and extend the reach of their presentation, so that industry professionals who were not able to access the webinar can still use webinar content as a resource. Webinars and webinar highlights are archived on the A.M. Best Web site, providing sponsors with additional exposure.
Webinar and Webinar Highlights Sponsorships

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