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AMB Credit Report provides detailed business overview, extensive financial data and analytical commentary, product and geographic information, company history, as well as the rationale supporting the financial strength rating assigned by A.M. Best. These reports are updated on a regular basis based on input and analysis performed throughout the year.

Report Revision Date - 03/05/2014 *

The Report Revision Date * represents the last significant material change made to this report. Other non-material changes may have been made to this report subsequent to this date, but are not reflected in the report revision date. The AMB Credit Report below was created based on the following dates.

Rating and Commentary 1
Financial 2
General Information 3
Best's Credit Rating:
Time Period: N/A
Corporate Structure: 02/21/2014
Rating Rationale: N/A
Last Updated: N/A
States Licensed: N/A
Report Commentary: 03/05/2014
Status: N/A
Officers and Directors: N/A

*Note: The Rating and Commentary 1 dates outline the most recent updates to the company's Best's Credit Rating, Rating Rationale, and Report Commentary for key rating and business changes. Report Commentary may include significant changes to the Business Profile, Risk Management, Operating Performance, Balance Sheet Strength, or Reinsurance sections of the report. The Financial 2 dates reflect the current status of the financial tables and charts found within the AMB Credit Report, including whether the data was loaded "As Received" or had been run through A.M. Best "Quality Cross Checks". The General Information 3 dates cover key changes made to Corporate Structure, States Licensed, or Officers and Directors.

AMB Credit Report for

Ultimate Parent: Cigna Corporation

One Liberty Place, 1650 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 19192
Tel:   215-761-1000
AMB#:   058703
Ultimate Parent#:   058703
FEIN#:   06-1059331
Publicly Traded Corporation: CIGNA Corporation

Report Revision Date: 03/05/2014


Cigna Corporation (Cigna), and its subsidiaries, is a major provider of employee benefits across the United States and throughout the world, servicing over 20 million individuals. Cigna offers a broad array of products and services, including managed medical products for groups and individuals, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement; dental care products; group indemnity health insurance and related services; group life, accident and disability insurance; international life, accident and supplemental health insurance, as well as international health care products and services; and specialty health care products and services. Cigna is one of the few organizations in the employee benefits market that can offer large, geographically diverse employers a complete integrated product package, including both employer-paid and voluntary products. With a full array of group medical, dental, life, disability, accident insurance and specialty health care products, Cigna is able to design benefit programs that meet the needs of employers of all sizes, a majority of which are offered through the workplace. Cigna is domiciled in the state of Connecticut and licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. The international entities operate in both European and Asian markets. Cigna's international subsidiaries offer health, life, and accident to individuals; group health care; expatriate employee benefit services; and individual private medical insurance on both local and global levels.


058703   Cigna CorporationPA
050828      Cigna Holdings IncDE100.00
050923         Cigna Global Holdings IncDE100.00
073722            CIGNA Global Reins Co LtdBermuda100.00
055224               Cigna Holdings Overseas, Inc.DE100.00
055225                  Cigna Apac Holdings LimitedNew Zealand100.00
055227                     Cigna Hong Kong Hldgs Co LtdHong Kong100.00
078718                        CIGNA Worldwide Gen Ins CoHong Kong100.00
078719                        CIGNA Worldwide Life Ins CoHong Kong100.00
086363                     CIGNA Life Ins New Zealand LtdNew Zealand100.00
092149                     Cigna Taiwan Life Assur Co LtdTaiwan100.00
089527                  CIGNA Europe Ins Co S.A.-N.V.Belgium100.00
076979                  CIGNA Global Insurance Co LtdGuernsey100.00
092146                  CIGNA Hayat Sigorta, A.S.Turkey100.00
078722                  CIGNA Insurance Public Co LtdThailand25.00
083121                  CIGNA Life Ins Co of EuropeBelgium100.00
078721                  CIGNA Non-Life Ins BrokerageThailand25.00
055229                  RHP (Thailand) LimitedThailand100.00
078721                     CIGNA Non-Life Ins BrokerageThailand74.98
055230                     KDM (Thailand) LimitedThailand99.99
078722                        CIGNA Insurance Public Co LtdThailand75.00
008944               Cigna Worldwide Insurance CoDE100.00
078720                  PT Asuransi CIGNAIndonesia80.00
050829         Connecticut General CorpCT100.00
055601            Benefit Management Corp.MT100.00
066335               Allegiance L & H Ins Co IncMT100.00
066336               Allegiance Re IncMT100.00
060710            Cigna Arbor Life Ins CoCT100.00
055226            Cigna Behavioral Health, Inc.MN100.00
064789               Cigna Behavioral Health of CACA100.00
050918            Cigna Dental Health IncFL100.00
060171               Cigna Dental Health of CA IncCA100.00
060196               Cigna Dental Health of CO IncCO100.00
060172               Cigna Dental Health of DE IncDE100.00
060173               Cigna Dental Health of FL IncFL100.00
064980               Cigna Dental Health of ILIL100.00
060174               Cigna Dental Health of KS IncKS100.00
060175               Cigna Dental Health of KY IncKY100.00
060176               Cigna Dental Health of MD IncMD100.00
064702               Cigna Dental Health of MO IncMO100.00
060184               Cigna Dental Health of NJ IncNJ100.00
060178               Cigna Dental Health of NC IncNC100.00
060179               Cigna Dental Health of OH IncOH100.00
060180               Cigna Dental Health of PA IncPA100.00
060181               Cigna Dental Health of TX IncTX100.00
064706               Cigna Dental Health of VA IncVA100.00
060170               Cigna Dental Health Pln AZ IncAZ100.00
050841            Cigna Health CorporationDE100.00
058049               Healthsource IncNH100.00
068871                  Cigna HealthCare Mid-Atl IncMD100.00
068726                  Cigna HealthCare of AZ IncAZ100.00
068912                  Cigna HealthCare of CA IncCA100.00
068864                  Cigna HealthCare of CO IncCO100.00
068865                  Cigna HealthCare of CT IncCT100.00
068860                  Cigna HealthCare of FL IncFL100.00
068753                  Cigna HealthCare of GA IncGA100.00
068867                  Cigna HealthCare of IL IncIL100.00
068536                  Cigna HealthCare of IN IncIN100.00
068549                  Cigna HealthCare of ME IncME100.00
068675                  Cigna HealthCare of NH IncNH100.00
068862                  Cigna HealthCare of NJ IncNJ100.00
068872                  Cigna HealthCare of NY IncNY100.00
068570                  Cigna HealthCare of NC IncNC100.00
068877                  Cigna HealthCare of St Lou IncMO100.00
068594                  Cigna HealthCare of SC IncSC100.00
068878                  Cigna HealthCare of TN IncTN100.00
068828                  Cigna HealthCare of TX IncTX100.00
057220                  Temple Insurance Company LtdBermuda100.00
068625            Cigna Life Ins Co of CanadaCanada100.00
006538            Cigna Life Ins Co of New YorkNY100.00
006266            Connecticut General Life InsCT100.00
006871               Cigna Health & Life Ins CoCT100.00
006203                  Central Reserve LifeOH100.00
006932                     Provident American Life & HlthOH100.00
006619                        United Benefit Life Ins CoOH100.00
006671                  Loyal American Life Ins CoOH100.00
008831                     American Retirement Life InsOH100.00
055219            HealthSpring, Inc.DE100.00
055212               NewQuest, LLCTN100.00
055214                  HealthSpring Management, Inc.TN100.00
064300                     HealthSpring of TennesseeTN100.00
051859                  Bravo Health Inc100.00
064697                     Bravo Health Mid-Atlantic IncMD100.00
064743                     Bravo Health Pennsylvania IncPA100.00
060673                  HealthSpring Life & Health InsTX100.00
068784                  HealthSpring of Alabama IncAL100.00
064756                  HealthSpring of Florida, Inc.FL100.00
006645            Life Insurance of North AmerPA100.00
078714               CIGNA & CMC Life Ins Co LtdChina50.00
078716               LINA Life Ins Co of KoreaSouth Korea100.00

CIGNA Non-Life Insurance Brokerage (Thailand) Limited is 25% owned by CIGNA Holdings Overseas, Inc. CIGNA Insurance Public Company Limited is 24.99% owned by CIGNA Holdings Overseas, Inc.

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AMB Credit Report