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The following list represents ratings that have been updated:
  • Company Update - indicates entities whose Financial Strength and/or Issuer Credit Ratings (credit ratings) have been updated or Rating Units which have had their member companies' credit ratings updated, which include initial credit ratings and may include updates to existing debt and assignment of new debt ratings, if applicable.

  • Issue Ratings Only - entities which have had Issue ratings assigned for recently issued debt instruments only and does not include an update to the credit ratings of the entity itself.
Simply select the "Entity / Rating Unit" to access the company profile page, which provides access to Rating Units and members, individually rated companies or debt issuers. The profile page includes contact and core information on the entity, along with the complete credit rating details. Please use our Advanced Search for more options to locate Best's Credit Ratings.
Aug 26, 2016000632Millers Capital Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016090833Liffey Reinsurance Company LimitedCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016090834Aseguradora de Istmo, S.A.Company Update
Aug 26, 2016078448Istmo Compañía de Reaseguros, Inc.Company Update
Aug 26, 2016091788Seguros Inbursa, S.A.Company Update
Aug 26, 2016091354Worldwide Medical Assurance, Ltd. Corp.Company Update
Aug 26, 2016009345LifeMap Assurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016070508Regence Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016069539Legal & General America GroupCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016084279Legal and General Assurance Society LtdCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016086120Legal & General Group PlcCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016003524Wisconsin Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 26, 2016018609Insurors Indemnity CompaniesCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016058107HealthMarkets, Inc.Company Update
Aug 25, 2016006215Chesapeake Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016093021Royal Insurance Corp of Bhutan LtdCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016003930Canal GroupCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016022294Global Hawk Property & Casualty Ins CoCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016011054ALPS Property & Casualty Insurance CoCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016078636Doha Insurance Company Q.S.C.Company Update
Aug 25, 2016051087State National Companies, Inc.Company Update
Aug 25, 2016018604State National GroupCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016078732Alliance Insurance (PSC)Company Update
Aug 25, 2016078963Jordan International Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016070081ShelterPoint Life GroupCompany Update
Aug 25, 2016006132Atlantic Coast Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 24, 2016006162Beneficial Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 24, 2016007040Sentinel Security Life Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 24, 2016005718IMT Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Aug 24, 2016085437Delvag Luftfahrtversicherungs-AGCompany Update
Aug 24, 2016077197Catlin UnderwritingCompany Update
Aug 23, 2016004766Farmers Mut Fire Ins Co McCandless TwspCompany Update
Aug 23, 2016000766Penn National Insurance CompaniesCompany Update
Aug 22, 2016090714Al-Sagr National Insurance Company PSCCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016000320Pharmacists Mutual Insurance CompanyCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016002879National Fire and Casualty CompanyCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016003827Governmental Interinsurance ExchangeCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016091390Unity Reinsurance Company, Ltd.Company Update
Aug 19, 2016018564Safety National GroupCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016012553Tokio Marine Pacific Insurance LimitedCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016090909Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins Co LtdCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016018057RenaissanceRe Specialty U.S. Ltd.Company Update
Aug 19, 2016086548RenaissanceRe Specialty Risks Ltd.Company Update
Aug 19, 2016011795Renaissance Reinsurance US IncCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016033642Reliance Standard Life Globabl Fndg IICompany Update
Aug 19, 2016033642Reliance Standard Life Globabl Fndg IIIssue Ratings Only
Aug 19, 2016058036Delphi Financial Group IncCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016087157Top Layer Reinsurance LtdCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016069825Reliance Standard Life GroupCompany Update
Aug 19, 2016051630DaVinci Re Holdings Ltd.Company Update
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