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American Hallmark Insurance Company of Texas  (?)
A.M. Best #: 001728      NAIC #: 43494      FEIN #: 751817901
Domiciliary Address
777 Main Street Suite 1000
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: 817-348-1600
Fax: 817-348-1820
Assigned to insurance companies that have, in our opinion, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.

Based on A.M. Best's analysis, 051075 - Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. is the AMB Ultimate Parent and identifies the topmost entity of the corporate structure. View a list of operating insurance entities in this structure.
 Best's Credit Ratings
 Financial Strength Rating  View Definition
Affiliation Code:
A- (Excellent)
p (Pooled)
Financial Size Category:  
VIII ($100 Million to $250 Million)
Outlook:   Negative
Action:   Affirmed
Effective Date:    March 18, 2015
Initial Rating Date:    June 29, 1992
 Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating     View Definition 
Long-Term:   a-
Outlook:   Negative
Action:   Affirmed
Effective Date:   March 18, 2015
Initial Rating Date:    June 21, 2005
 Best's Credit Rating Analyst
Rating Issued by: A.M. Best Company, Inc.
Senior Financial Analyst: W. Dolson Smith, Ph.D., CFA
Assistant Vice President: Henry K. Witmer, CPCU, ARM-E

 Rating History
A.M. Best has provided ratings & analysis on this company since 1992.
 Financial Strength 
Effective DateRating
 Long-Term Issuer Credit
Effective DateRating
 3/18/2015 a-
 3/19/2014 a-
 3/19/2013 a-
 3/30/2012 a-
 3/18/2011 a-
 5/7/2010 a-
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Executive Summary Report Best's Executive Summary Reports (Financial Overview) - available in three versions, these presentation style reports feature balance sheet, income statement, key financial performance tests including profitability, liquidity and reserve analysis.
Data Status: 2015 Best's Statement File - P/C, US Contains data compiled as of 9/30/2015 Quality Cross Checked.
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