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American Strategic Insurance Group  (?)
A.M. Best #: 018538          

This company is a data record that A.M. Best utilizes to represent the A.M. Best Consolidated financials for the Property/ Casualty business of 050258 ARX Holding Corp.

012150 American Strategic Insurance Corp has been assigned as the AMB Group Lead for this consolidation and should be used to access name, address, or other contact information for this A.M. Best Consolidated Group.
 Best's Credit Ratings
AMB Rating Unit
Note: This data record represents an AMB Rating Unit and the following Best's Credit Ratings are based on the consolidated financials assigned to this record.
AMB #Company NameBest's FSRBest's ICR
010106ASI Assurance CorpA ua u
011540ASI Home Insurance CorpA ua u
012421ASI LloydsA ua u
013917ASI Preferred Insurance CorpA ua u
014235ASI Select Insurance CorpA ua u
013307American Capital Assurance CorpA ua u
012150American Strategic Insurance CorpA ua u
 Best's Credit Rating Analyst
Rating Issued by: A.M. Best Company, Inc.
Financial Analyst: Angelo Lozano
Assistant Vice President: Rick Decker

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AMB Credit report AMB Credit Report  - includes Best's Financial Strength Rating and rationale along with comprehensive analytical commentary, detailed business overview and key financial data.
Report Revision Date: 12/18/2014 (represents the latest significant change).
AMB Credit report Historical Archive Historical Reports are available in AMB Credit Report Archive.
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