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BestConnect is a free e-newsletter that contains topical A.M Best insurance industry news, featured articles and press releases from current Best's Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource qualified members, as well as Law Digest updates, recent Insurance Law Podcasts, webinars and other relevant information. With over 3,000 subscribers, BestConnect is sent out to a variety of insurance and claims professionals, keeping them up-to-date with the latest qualified member and insurance industry news.

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  • September 2016 - Issue 26
  • July 2016 - Issue 25
  • May 2016 - Issue 24
  • March 2016 - Issue 23
  • January 2016 - Issue 22


  • Fourth Quarter - Issue 21
  • Third Quarter - 20th Issue
  • Second Quarter - 19th Issue
  • First Quarter - 18th Issue