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AM Best’s Approach to Country Risk and Sovereign Credit Concerns in the Credit Rating Process

Recorded on June 3, 2020  

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic volatility has heightened sovereign credit and country risk concerns around the globe. Although AM Best does not issue ratings on government debt, it considers such risks through its country risk analysis, which is factored into all Best’s Credit Ratings. As part of evaluating country risk, AM Best identifies the various factors within a country that may directly or indirectly affect an insurance company.

In this webinar, senior analysts will present the key tenets of AM Best’s approach to country risk and answer frequently asked questions that explain distinctions between country risk concepts and sovereign credit risk and their treatment in AM Best’s rating evaluation, including:

  • How does AM Best treat sovereign credit risk?
  • Does a government’s sovereign credit rating downgrade impact an insurer’s Credit Rating?
  • What are the considerations when assessing the impact of country risk on a company’s rating assessment?
  • Does AM Best's country risk evaluation impose a ceiling on ratings?

Panelists include:

  • MODERATOR: Vasilis Katsipis, general manager, market development, AM Best
  • SPEAKER: Mahesh Mistry, senior director, credit rating criteria, research & analytics, AM Best
  • SPEAKER: Ann Modica, associate director, credit rating criteria, research & analytics, AM Best


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