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Succeeding in the Data-Driven Insurance Sales Environment

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(Original event date: December 6, 2016)

This webinar is sponsored by:
Lexington Insurance

Insurance distribution experts explain how new tools and sources of data are enabling insurance professionals to identify opportunities, attract and approach prospects, and develop differentiated strategies for sales success.

A panel of experts will examine how insurance organizations are reinventing their sales cultures to better integrate new technologies and data, leverage the skillset of tech-savvy colleagues, and build an integrated solutions approach versus cross-selling. The panel will also discuss how insurers can harness social media platforms and leverage data and research to capture the attention and business of today's demanding customers and use online learning to influence offline sales.

Panelists for this webinar include:

  • Douglas Turk, Chief Marketing Officer, JLT Group
  • Marya J. Propis, US Commercial Head of Broker Engagement, AIG
  • Cynthia Beveridge, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AON InPoint
  • Bob Howe, Placement & Market Leader, Marsh
  • Kabir Syed, CEO & Founder, RiskMatch

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