Press Release - SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

Insurance Law Podcast Discusses Interscholastic Sports Risks

 John Czuba
Managing Editor, Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys
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A.M. Best and Best’s Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource have released the latest installment of the Insurance Law Podcast, a series that examines timely insurance and claims issues from a legal point of view.

This episode features Attorney Al Goldberger from the Law Offices of Alan S. Goldberger in Florham Park, NJ. Mr. Goldberger is a nationally recognized authority on sports law and officiating, a former NCAA basketball official and baseball umpire and high school football official. He is the author of Sports Officiating: A Legal Guide, and counsels clients nationwide in sports and athletic risk management and liability defense.

The podcast discusses active areas of risk in interscholastic sports, and how carriers are responding to claims involving injuries resulting from assaults and other intentional acts. Risks include aggressive play, failure to teach fundamental techniques, faulty or inappropriate equipment and improper injury response, including failure to recognize potential concussions. Administrators need to be aware of the conduct that leads to limitations in claims coverage, such as assault and other intentional torts on the playing field, and develop and enforce effective protocols to minimize risk.

The Law Offices of Alan S. Goldberger is a Qualified Member of Best’s Recommended Insurance Attorneys, a claims industry resource that has featured qualified legal counsel, independent insurance adjusting services and expert service providers since 1929.

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