Press Release - JULY 26, 2017

A.M. Best Releases Updated Draft of Best’s Credit Rating Methodology, Draft Title Criteria

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OLDWICK - JULY 26, 2017
A.M. Best has released an updated draft of Best’s Credit Rating Methodology (BCRM) and the draft criteria procedure for Rating Title Insurers.

A.M. Best is requesting comments from interested parties on these draft documents, which are available in the methodology section of A.M. Best’s website, by no later than Aug. 25, 2017. Written comments should be submitted by e-mail to

The BCRM is a reorganization of the current methodology, utilizing a building block approach to provide greater detail, clarity and transparency to the rating analysis. The BCRM offers a forum for discussion with analytical staff and also will provide greater consistency in the rating process. While the methodology is being updated, the core components of the analytical process — a review of balance sheet strength, operating performance, business profile and enterprise risk management — remain as key pillars and thus do not represent a fundamental change to the rating analysis.

Please see the July 25, 2017, Best’s Briefing titled “Criteria Update: BCRM, BCRM Criteria Procedures, and Timeline” for a discussion of the most significant changes to the BCRM since its Nov. 14, 2016, release. The briefing notes changes to the BCRM that incorporate A.M. Best’s review of industry feedback received as well as ongoing internal review. To access the full copy of this briefing, please visit .

For a more detailed video discussion on this subject with Stephen Irwin, senior director, Credit Rating Criteria – Research and Analytics, please visit .

The draft title insurance criteria procedure consolidates the current Rating Title Insurance Companies and BCAR for Title Insurance Companies. Similar to other criteria focused on specialty insurers, the new title draft emphasizes what is unique or different between the analysis of the specialty insurer and the analytical process outlined in the draft BCRM. All companies that are evaluated using the title BCAR model will receive their new BCAR output and are encouraged to review their BCAR output in conjunction with this criteria procedure.

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