Press Release - JUNE 30, 2014

A.M. Best Offers Access to Insureware's ICRFS-ELRF™
Software with Best's Schedule P Data


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OLDWICK - JUNE 30, 2014
A.M. Best, a global provider of insurance industry financial data and credit ratings, has added access to Insureware's ICRFS-ELRF™
software using Best's Schedule P data to its product offering. The combination of A.M. Best data with the specialized software from Insureware adds value by facilitating effortless access to information in a structured database and providing statistical tools for performing loss reserve analysis at various levels of segmentation.

A.M. Best customers will have access to ICRFS-ELRF A.M. Best Schedule P 2013, the ICRFS-ELRF™
(point and click) software that has been pre-loaded with A.M. Best's Schedule P data, at no additional charge beyond the cost of purchasing the loss reserve data from A.M. Best. ICRFS-ELRF A.M. Best Schedule P 2013 also pre-computes a number of triangles and risk metrics such as reserves held, and survival and loss ratios. Data can be sorted by the additional risk metrics as well as by standard categories. The suite of analytic tools includes most of those that are widely in use by actuaries, both deterministic and stochastic, including Mack, other regression formulation of link ratios with bootstrap, Murphy and extensions thereof.

Insureware is R&D focused with a unique culture and business model. It creates and supports the only comprehensive, sound statistical, enterprise wide, long-tail liability risk management software in the world. Insureware's offices are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. For more information, visit

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