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Best's Directory of Legal and Claims Officials
Auto-Owners Insurance Company
6101 Anacapri Boulevard
Lansing, Michigan 48917-3968
Telephone: 517-323-1200
Fax: 517-391-1904

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 30660, Lansing, MI 48909
Rodney J. Rupp, Executive Vice President
Stu Birn, First Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel

Branch Offices
Birmingham, AL — Todd Simpson, Manager
Montgomery, AL — Nicole Perkins, Manager
Northeast Mesa, AZ — Miguel Martinez, Manager
Broomfield, CO — Chris Hoag, Assistant Manager
Clearwater, FL — Chris Staffeld, Manager
Fort Myers, FL — Mike Crouch, Manager
Lakeland, FL — Jim Jordan, Manager
Ocala, FL — Stan Smith, Manager
Stuart, FL — Michele Crawford, Assistant Manager
Pensacola, FL — Kathleen Jernigan, Manager
Tallahassee, FL — Lisa Franson, Manager
Albany, GA — Barbara Dunham, Manager
Atlanta, GA — (Duluth) — Barbara Carco, Assistant Manager
Macon, GA — Todd Castle, Manager
Newnan, GA — Neal Gardner, Manager
Elgin, IL — (Dundee) — Tim Hayden, Manager
Mt. Vernon, IL — Barb Klein, Manager
Peoria, IL — Ty Trotter, Assistant Manager
Indianapolis, IN — Sherri Harsh, Manager
Marion, IN — Preston Meeder, Assistant Manager
Mishawaka, IN — Chris Frisbie, Assistant Manager
New Albany, IN — Chris Poe, Manager
Cedar Rapids, IA — Kevin Downey, Manager
West Des Moines, IA — Brian Plath, Manager
Lexington, KY — Johnathan Mathis, Assistant Manager
Louisville, KY — Ron Belden, Manager
Adrian, MI — Steve Weathers, Assistant Manager
Clarkston, MI — Eric Santo, Manager
Escanaba, MI — Dawn Martin, Assistant Manager
Gaylord, MI — Rick Butler, Manager
Grand Rapids, MI — Katie Weidner, Manager
Lansing, MI — (Branch) — Raymond Black, Manager
W/C Branch — Kelly Brandell, Manager
Lansing, MI — Andrew Corbin, Manager HO Claims
East Michigan PIP — Wendy Ridley, Manager
Lansing, MI — (Central Michigan PIP) — Amy Kolp, Manager
Lansing, MI — (West Michigan PIP) — Michael Viselli, Assistant Manager
Lansing, MI — (Northern Michigan PIP) — Rich Rollis, Manager
Lapeer, MI — Dan Gillespie, Manager
Mt. Pleasant, MI — Ben Coffman, Assistant Manager
Muskegon, MI — Doug Sisco, Assistant Manager
Northville, MI — Sonya Drayton, Manager
Portage, MI — Rob Wright, Assistant Manager
Saginaw, MI — Kevin McDonnell, Manager
Southgate, MI — (Wynadotte) — Kim Watkins, Manager
St. Joseph, MI — Michael Smith, Assistant Manager
Traverse City, MI — Paul Appold, Manager
Troy, MI — Dave Cove, Manager
Rochester, MN — Heather McCready, Manager
St. Cloud, MN — Bill Goetz, Manager
White Bear Lake, MN — Ryan Johnson, Assistant Manager
Twin Cities, MN — (Twin Cities West) — Tom Shefferly, Assistant Manager
Willmar, MN — Jerry Swoboda, Manager
Independence, MO — Shelli Poineau, Assistant Manager
Columbia, MO — (Central Missouri) — Joey Dunning, Manager
Omaha, NE — Mike Molacek, Manager
Charlotte, NC — Monica Gardner, Manager
Greensboro, NC — Monica Bias, Assistant Manager
Raleigh, NC — Carolyn Moreno, Manager
Fargo, ND — Chris Karppinen, Assistant Manager
Akron, OH — John Villilo, Manager
Columbus, OH — Ken Schriner, Assistant Manager
Dayton, OH — Warner Mitchell, Manager
Lima, OH — Jim Kuhlman, Manager
Toledo, OH — Jay McCabe, Assistant Manager
Columbia, SC — Doris Rojas, Manager
Florence, SC — Heather Bryant, Assistant Manager
Greenville, SC — Kevin Goode, Manager
Brentwood, TN — Megan Brown, Manager
Jackson, TN — Billy Wootten, Assistant Manager
Knoxville, TN — Pat Janack, Assistant Manager
Draper, UT — Dan Castle, Manager
Forest, VA — David Thomas, Manager
Appleton, WI — Mary Claire Bartz, Manager
Eau Claire, WI — David Zumwalt, Manager
Affiliated Offices
Little Rock, AR — John Carter, Assistant Manager
Mesa Southwest, AZ — Heather Schember, Manager
Mesa Northeast, AZ — Miguel Martinez, Assistant Manager
Madison, WI — Judy Hatz, Manager
Kennesaw, GA — Ben Williams, Manager
Lansing, MI — Ellen Richard, Manager
Ashville, NC — Joab Cotton IV, Assistant Manager
Sioux Falls, SD — Ashley Carswell, Assistant Manager
Branch Office
New Albany, OH — Steve Smith, Assistant Manager
Tallahassee, FL — (Tallahassee Regional PIP Claim Branch) — Aaron Moser, Assistant Manager
Conyers, GA — Kathleen Byers, Manager
Lansing, MI — (MI/PA Work Comp) — Derek Snyder, Assistant Manager
Lakeland, FL — (Florida WC) — Jim Jordan, Manager
Peoria, IL — (IL WC) — Leslie Cargill, Assistant Manager
White Bear Lake, MN — (MN WC) — Richard Bednar, Assistant Manager
Marion, IN — (KY / IN WC) — Eric Young, Assistant Manager
Lakeland, FL — (Lakeland Regional PIP Claims) — Andrea Mock, Assistant Manager
Charlotte, NC — (TN / NC WC) — David Allsopp, Assistant Manager
Draper, UT — Dan Castle, Manager
Duluth, MN — Allison Whisnant, Director
Columbia, MO — Joey Dunning, Manager