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Recent Rate Filings
(As of Saturday, January 14, 2017)
  • Bankers Standard Ins. Co. increases Personal Umbrella rates, effective 2/1/2017, in South Dakota. Rate effect: +8.9%.
  • Permanent General Assurance Corp. increases Personal Auto rates, effective 12/21/2016, in Alabama. Rate effect: +9.9%.
  • First Acceptance Ins. Co., Inc. increases Non-Standard Personal Auto rates, effective 1/31/2017, in Pennsylvania. Rate effect: +7.3%.
  • National General Ins. Co. increases Personal Auto rates, effective 12/3/2016, in Vermont. Rate effect: +2.5%,

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      • Part 2, History of Incurred Net Losses and Defense and Cost Containment Expenses by State/Line
      • Part 3, History of Cumulative Paid Net Losses and Defense and Cost Containment Expenses Reported
      • Part 4, History of Bulk Insured But Not Reported Reserves on Net Losses and Defense and Cost Containment Expenses Reported
      • Part 5, Section 1, History of Claims (Direct and Assumed): Closed with Loss Payments
      • Part 5, Section 2, History of Claims (Direct and Assumed): Outstanding
      • Part 5, Section 3, History of Claims (Direct and Assumed): Reported

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